Eagle Rock Life Sciences

Eagle Rock Life Sciences is an independent international  life sciences consultancy firm, specialized in providing support to life sciences enterprises from early start-ups to mature companies. We view ourselves as hands-on specialists who have learned to set themselves challenging targets and deliver results.

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Eagle Rock Life Sciences probably offers the broadest possible range of services in today’s life sciences consultancy.

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Eagle Rock Services

Women’s Health

Right from the start Eagle Rock life Sciences developed a strong women’s health team which was largely built on former employees of…
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IP & Legal and Compliance

Eagle Rock Life Sciences advises corporate clients on all matters relating to the full product life cycle…
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Pharmaceutical companies (small molecules, biotech or vaccines) are facing challenges in bringing innovative products…
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(Pre-) Clinical

We are able to provide strategic input with respect to all stages of the drug discovery process from Hit Finding to PoC…
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Quality Management and Regulatory Compliance

In an ever increasing need for better quality, full regulatory compliance and improved efficiency…
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Marketing & Sales

Eagle Rock Life Sciences offers broad experience and knowledge in international marketing and sales. It’s know-how is used to provide clients …
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Strategy & Business Development

Searching  for the expected  won’t surprise the world. But setting for the unexpected will likely so make the difference between…
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