When Schering Plough acquired Organon Biosciences in 2007 and after the subsequent takeover of this group by Merck & Co in 2008, most of Organon’s senior staff was made redundant in the years to follow. Instead of  taking a “wait and see” attitude, some of them sat together to explore possibilities to build on their expertise and experience acquired through the years. They immediately recognized the fact that the chance to bundle experts in almost all fields of the life science business is extremely rare and that they had to capture this momentum. Initial plans to set up an independent life sciences consultancy were welcomed by former colleagues and in 2009 first clients were enrolled. This initiative quickly grew and late 2010 the founding fathers, Bernard Mulder, Hans Pegt, Carl Thys and John Verhoeven, decided to set up Eagle Rock Life Sciences.

Eagle Rock Life Sciences is different from traditional life sciences consultants. Through its partner network, Eagle Rock Life Sciences probably offers the broadest possible range of services  in today’s life sciences consultancy. We offer amongst others expertise in R&D, regulatory, IP& legal, strategy and business development, finance, marketing and sales. All partners are experienced, international, senior professionals who have been shaped by various parts of the business. Their bird’s-eyes view gives them a quick insight into your business requirements. As hands-on professionals, who worked for many years in the industry, they are well positioned to respond to your immediate needs. Their no-nonsense, cross-functional team approach generates the right set of hands to tackle your problems. Today approximately 30 associates form the basis of the company. They  can offer you access to their extensive international network.

Typical projects in which Eagle Rock Life Sciences is involved include amongst other:

  • Support in licensing and transfer of patents and know-how, alliances, research collaborations
  • Support in the sale and acquisition of companies or their assets, including due diligence
  • Valuation of technology and companies
  • Advice in setting up and implementing a marketing strategy
  • Support to start-up companies, including (interim) management services
  • Feasibility study on setting up a new life science organisation
  • Strategic advice regarding (pre-) clinical development
  • Due Dilligence of business development opportunities for new-  and existing chemical and biological entities


Representative client engagements

Strategic advice

A large conglomerate of among others academia, a science park, local government and industry wanted to find out whether the academic partner could organize itself to provide a stream of drug-able opportunities to industry. We performed about 60 interviews with both scientists and service providers and advised on a structure for such drug discovery activities and how to bridge the gap to industry.

Assessment of business plan

When a large private equity company acquired a Euro 100 million multinational pharma group they wished to reassess the business plan for one of its subsidiaries. Eagle Rock Life Sciences was hired for this job. We advised to divest this business, searched for potential buyers and successfully coordinated the divesture.


Sale of medical device company

A small Dutch company that develops, manufactures and sells a medical device for anesthetic use hired Eagle Rock Life Sciences to prepare the company for sale, find a buyer and negotiate the transaction.

Support in setting up a start-up company

Eagle Rock Life Sciences assisted a start-up in the medical diagnostic field to negotiate a license with a University and to develop their business plan and assess the IP portfolio.

Support in due diligences

Eagle Rock has evaluated for a large multinational numerous compounds/ projects  in early and late stage clinical development on the medical need and scientific feasibility and has offered (strategic) advise on further clinical- and regulatory  development plans.