Strategy & Business Development

Searching  for the expected  won’t surprise the world. But setting for the unexpected will likely so make the difference between a me-too story and a true success. Our strategy mantra is to look for the unexpected, whilst building together with our clients a solid business case that can take the heat of the many challenges in corporate development, product development and marketing. We will challenge the strategy of your company, map your potential risks and will e.g. advise you on how to optimize and/or partner the project and product portfolio.

We offer scouting services to help you discover the right opportunities for the company, but also we offer the negotiating and deal-making skills to create the best possible deal. Likely so, your company needs strategic partnerships that can help grow your business. Next to deal-making, we offer the alliance management skills and expertise to make sure that such partnerships run smoothly all the way through their existence.

And if it is decided to sell the company or its assets, we can help valorize and negotiate the transaction.

Direct Contact

John Verhoeven
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