Our Team Members

Hans PegtHans Pegt, LLM

Hans Pegt has over 25 years of international legal experience in the pharma industry. After serving as legal counsel of the pharma group of Akzo Nobel, he held positions as US General Counsel of Organon Teknika, Director Legal Affairs for the pharmaceutical group of Akzo Nobel, Vice-President Legal Affairs of Organon and Associate General Counsel of Schering-Plough. Hans Pegt’s expertise covers all legal aspects associated with the industry: alliances, licensing, acquisition and sale of companies, business-disputes, patent litigation, competition law, product liability, risk management and compliance. He received his Master in Law from Leiden University. He is founding partner of Eagle Rock Life Sciences and focussed on IP & Legal and Compliance. Hans is co-founder of Eagle Rock Life Sciences. He was appointed General Counsel of Synthon in 2013 and subsequently stepped down as partner of Eagle Rock Life Sciences. Hans remains limited available as of-counsel.


IP, Legal & Compliance